GI Diet Education

It’s no secret, Gastroenterology has a lot to do with your diet because your internal health has a lot to do with what you’re putting into your body. In order to promote good GI health in Doylestown and the rest of Bucks County, we’re going to provide a number of physician-recommended diets here on this page, and encourage you to seek us out if you’ve been dealing with abdominal pain or worse and think it may be related to what you’re eating.

The following brochures are designed to give you further insight into a number of general GI conditions that we commonly treat patients for at Central Bucks Specialists. We encourage you to read about your conditions and discuss your questions and concerns with your family members and your physician here at the practice. Because we deal with issues of the gastrointestinal tract, we will include dietary suggestions for treating some of our most common ailments in this section.

Please click on the text below to learn more about the different diets and conditions.